Dear all,

As most of you are probably aware, due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, homes have become the new work spaces.

This is true for us at Shared Contacts for Gmail® as well. Health and safety is our first priority when it comes to our employees who are now working fully from home in order to comply with orders from around the world to #stayhome&savelives.

However, thankfully, working from home doesn’t change anything about our operations.

This is because:

  1. All of our employees are used to working remotely part of the time anyways, so this work style is nothing new for us.
  2. Google Cloud will still continue to guarantee servers infrastructures continuity.
  3. Our development team keeps on working at its full capacity

Therefore, since nothing will be that different for our employees, nothing will be that different for you, our loyal customers. We will still be providing you with around the clock customer service.

To Reiterate:

We at Shared Contacts for Gmail are used to the process of working from home and we will work this way during this period in time.

We thank you for your business and wish you all good health, safety, and strength to overcome these more challenging times.

Shared Contacts for Gmail team

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